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5 Tips to help you choose the right Removalist when moving

So you’re moving, how exciting! Yet it can be a daunting task organising everything. The idea of opting to hire a Furniture Removalist becomes significantly important. The furniture removalist of your choice will make sure that all your valuables are transported to your new place safely. The following are a few important tips that may help you when looking for the right removalist for your needs:

1. Look Around For Furniture Removals

You can get multiple quotes from several removalist services in your area. This way, you will be able to plan your spending budget, which may include transportation fee from the beginning of the move as well as other possible expenses.

2. Ask For References

To convince you more, there is no harm in seeking references or reading testimonials given by people about your possible moving service. This way, you will know whether they do actually have a great service in providing a professional and proper furniture removals process or they are not a good service at all. This is a wise practice, all in all.

3. Professional Customer Service

As well as offering experience and reliability, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your removal company as you’ll be dealing with them many times throughout the move. How you’re treated before your move is often a good indication of a company’s attitude towards their customers – and their precious belongings. Choose a removalist who is friendly and professional right from your very first enquiry and quote.

4. Insurance for Your Goods

A good removalist company will have transit insurance to cover your belongings in the event of the removalist trucks accident. Simple. If your moving company doesn’t have the right insurances, it’s just not worth the risk.


5. Size matters – give an accurate indication of the amount of work you need done

Once you’ve chosen a suitable moving service, it’s vital that you are upfront with how much stuff needs moving. This is crucial to ensuring an adequate sized vehicle is scheduled for the job. It’s also important so the company can make sure they come equipped with enough ties, moving blankets, trolleys, and movers for the job. While larger trucks usually have slightly higher rates, it’s quicker to pack a truck with space left over than it is to try and squeeze too many items into a smaller truck.  A large enough vehicle will save time, money and unnecessary hassle. If you’ve chosen a service you trust, it’s worth following their advice – good removalists are in demand and have a lot of experience at calculating the best deal for the customer. They’ll want to do a great job so you spread the good word, and come back next time you need their services.

Congratulations on your new move! If you need the services of a Professional Removalist see our business Listings: