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Fun Easter Holiday Activity ~ COLOURING EGGS WITH FOOD DYE

What you will need:

• Water
• Food Coloring
• White Vinegar
• Hard Boiled Eggs
• Bowls or large cups
• Whisk (optional)
• Paper towels


1. Place 1/2 cup hot tap water in containers – these can be bowls or cups that are deep enough to completely submerge an egg.

2. Place 20 drops of food coloring per 1/2 cup water (I used 40 drops and 1 cup to accommodate the size of my glasses).

3. Mix well.

4. Add in 1 tablespoon white vinegar and stir.

5. To create new colors follow the guide on the back of the box. Most liquid food coloring boxes found at the grocery store will have a handy color mixing guide on the back of the box.


6. Dip eggs in the colored water for about 5 minutes. Use a slotted spoon or tongs to remove eggs from dye. Allow to dry.

Useful Tips:

• Warning: food colouring is safe but will stain clothing or tabletops. You should have paper towels handy and you may want to protect surfaces with old newspaper or a drop-cloth.
• The longer you leave the eggs in the food colouring mixture, the brighter the eggs. Start with a few minutes and then go from there. A great experiment for kids!
• You can dye brown eggs! They come out looking very pretty, sometimes a little darker and more naturally speckled than the white eggs.
• Boiled eggs can be dyed warm or cold. We prefer to let them cool for safety.

• A whisk is super handy for dipping the eggs.
• Put your eggs inside a whisk – This simple idea makes egg colouring a lot easier for kids and toddlers. Egg stays put and is easy to retrieve. Just place the egg inside the whisk and dip inside the desired color. No more mess! 
• Protection – To prevent stains, you might have children wear old clothes or protective clothing and cover the table. If the weather is nice, set it up outside! Have fun!