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Why Dancing is a great fitness activity

Getting fit does not have to be the chore it’s often perceived to be. Instead, dancing is one of the best fitness workouts there is and it’s fun! Dancing offers upbeat and inventive exercise, that promotes a more healthy and active lifestyle. Sociable, energising and life-affirming, dance has a whole host of body benefits, from aiding joint flexibility through to boosting mental wellbeing.

Here are our top 6 reasons why dance is such a great fitness activity.


1. Building Muscular Endurance

Tired of feeling… tired? Still, exhausted when you wake up in the morning? Then dancing could provide the answer. Regular dance exercise improves the endurance of body muscles, allowing them to work harder for longer periods of time without feeling tired. Dancing also raises the body’s heart rate to heighten stamina. You’ll be jumping out of bed each morning in no time.


2. Dancing Improves The Body’s Flexibility

A healthy body needs joints and muscles to be flexible; something that dance can really help with. Most dance styles involve a great range of motion and movement, allowing major muscle groups to be flexed and properly worked out. As a result, the dancer’s body should soon become more nimble.


3. Dancing Yourself To A Happier Mind

As well as making your body feel fitter and healthier, regular dancing exercise will also reduce mental tension and lead you on the path to a stress-free mind. Dance stimulates happiness endorphins in the brain to alleviate day-to-day worries and concerns. If nothing else, dance is cheaper than hiring a shrink.


4. Dance Away The Calories

Whether you’re salsa dancing, gliding across a ballroom floor, or tapping your toes to some two-step rock, dance exercise offers an easy and enjoyable way to burn off unwanted calories. A half-hour of dancing can burn between 200 and 400 calories so why not run away from that boring treadmill training and dance along to the fitness beat?


5. It’s Good For Your Mental Health

If you find yourself slumping into middle-aged malaise, forgetting how many children you have and where you last left them, dancing could be the solution to make your mind feel younger and more alert. Dance improves memory, as it forces participants to recall steps, patterns, and elaborate routines to offer a mental workout for the mind.


6. Meet New People, Make New Friends

Dance classes offer great ways of meeting new people, allowing you to make friends and improve your social skills. Whether you’re already a vivacious party machine, or someone shy, dancing could soon entail better self-confidence and new social opportunities.