New-News 17

Crafty Idea ~ ANZAC Day Poppy Wreath

Transform your egg cartons into poppies and make a beautiful poppy wreath for ANZAC Day. An easy activity which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Lest we forget

What you will need:

• 1 Egg carton
• Scissors
• Paper Plate
• Green paint
• Red paint
• Black paint
• Glue
• Paint brush


1. Use a ruler and draw two lines horizontally across the middle of the plate (approx. 4cm apart) Cut out both (in)sides.

2. Cut individual cups out of the egg carton, then cut it so it is rounded. Cut little points to make four distinct “petals” and trim the top of the petals to give them a rounder finish.

3. Paint the egg carton cups, Red

4. Paint the middle of the egg carton cups, Black (these are the completed poppy flowers)

5. Paint the rim of the paper plate, Green. Let it dry


6. Glue poppy flowers onto the green rim of the plate and write or paint “remember” in the middle.