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Crafty Idea ~
Mother’s Day Button Art Flower Cards


‘Mothers are like buttons, they hold everything together’ Skip the store bought card and make your own special Mother’s Day card with a personal touch!


What you will need:


• A variety of Buttons
• A4 size colourful card stock paper
• PVA glue
• Scissors
• Green ribbon (for the flower stems)
• Lace ribbon (for card decoration)




1. Begin by folding the piece of card stock in half.

2. Cut some small strips of green ribbon and glue it to the card stock (as the flower stems)

3. Glue some large buttons above the green stems, leaving a little bit of space for the petals. You can use white glue to glue the buttons down. Just allow time for them to dry.

4. Glue smaller buttons around the large centers for the petals

5. Glue green buttons next to the green ribbon stems for leaves.

6. Cut a strip of the lace ribbon and glue across the bottom of the card.

* Your card is finished! Allow the glue to fully dry, then write your special message inside! Happy Days!