5 reasons to choose a Coach Tour for your next holiday

Over the last 10 years, Coach Touring has become a more popular choice of travelling throughout Australia. It has become more luxurious, more imaginative and is attracting a wider range of guests. Numbers are booming. And coaches will take you to an ever-increasing number of destinations ever more tailored to particular regions, or themes such as food & wine.
Here are just 5 of the reasons Coach Tours are a great way to explore this beautiful country of ours;


1. Stress free

Having a coach hire company arrange and organise the travel can lift a heavy burden, allowing you to enjoy your trip/journey/outing more thoroughly!

There’s no need to worry about how people will get there or when people will arrive. There’s no need to panic about which route to take or how to navigate the busy Australian streets and there’s certainly no reason to wonder how you will get back home. Travelling by coach eliminates these stresses so sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!


2. Inexpensive

The common misconception about coach travel is that the prices are extortionate and do not warrant a trip in the first place but this simply isn’t true.

Coach travel represents excellent value for money, especially when the price is distributed between passengers in a group. Fuel, tolls and parking prices all add up, and so travelling by taxi and train can prove expensive by comparison.

3. Safety

Safety embodies every service that coach hire companies provide; it is, of course, their job and responsibility to cart people to their destination in the safest possible fashion.

Not only are modern coaches fitted with the newest safety seats belts, you are also being driven around by a professional driver who knows where they’re going and the best way to get there; giving you peace of mind that you can remain safe when you’re making your journey.

4. You’ll make the most of your time

You won’t be wasting a minute studying maps, seeking out parking spaces and finding restaurants. Remember how time-consuming just getting from A to B can be? None of that either. Coach itineraries have been developed from years of experience to cover the chief sights without wasting time. The result is more time out at the gelato shop, along the shopping street or in that museum you’ve always dreamed of seeing.

5. Great Company

You’re living in the past if you think coach travellers are either partying backpackers or ancient, unimaginative folk hobbling from bar to bingo hall. Maybe once, long ago, coach tours were for inexperienced, timid travellers. These days passengers are a varied bunch and while many are retirees, they’re looking for convenience, not mollycoddling. Tours are now offering more active options, more flexitime for individual exploration and occasional free evenings for your own local dining.
It’s easy to meet new people in the small-group, confined surrounds of a coach, particularly as many single travellers like coach touring for its sense of security. Camaraderie often builds quickly. After all, there’s a good chance that your fellow travellers will be like-minded people. Some guests become friends enough to organise their next tour together!

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