Autumn & Winter, The Seasons to Declutter


Autumn and Winter are the perfect seasons for decluttering, even though we often associate cleaning and home organising with Spring. But, between the early sunsets and cold temperatures, most people are inside their houses more often in the Autumn & Winter.


While you’re stuck inside, why not give yourself more space to enjoy your home by getting rid of clutter? Plus, the more organised your surroundings are, the more organised your life becomes, it’s a real mood booster!


Start Small


Decluttering your entire home can be a daunting task. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that you don’t have to tackle an entire room at once. Break each room down into sections–the closet, the chest of drawers, underneath the bed–and treat each section as a separate project. This allows you to clearly see the work that needs to be done and approach it in an organised way.


It can also be beneficial to begin a day of decluttering with the smallest project you plan to do that day. This way you can swiftly check something off of your to-do list, leaving you with a well-deserved feeling of accomplishment and motivating you to keep going.


Use Bins And Labels


Decluttering involves more than just getting rid of items you don’t use. It also involves organising what you have left. Using bins with labels makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and maximises your space. Organisational containers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit every storage space, from drawers to cabinets to closets.

Get The Whole Household Involved


Getting your family involved not only makes the decluttering process more efficient; it also makes it a lot more fun! If you have children, assign them small projects. Many kids enjoy being given responsibilities, and it’s beneficial for them to develop teamwork and organisational skills from an early age.


Older kids and teenagers, for example, can go through their old toys and games and decide what they no longer need. Kids can even help organise a yard sale if you choose to sell unused items. By working together, the whole family can share in the feeling of satisfaction of having completed a project. So get the family together, put on some music and get to work!


Donate Or Sell


Give back to your community and the environment by donating unused items. Donating not only benefits recipients who may otherwise not have access to those items, but also benefits the earth by reducing waste and giving unused items a second life. If you decide to sell your unused items, consider donating part of the profits to a charity whose mission you care about


Get Help


While these tips make it easier to declutter your home, it’s still a time and energy consuming task.


There are Professional Organisers that can help you with cleaning and organising your home; Some also offer errand running, personal assistance, child transportation, dog walking, pet sitting, and senior companion services. By getting help with these tasks, it gives you back free time and elevates much of the stress.


Every professional organiser has different approaches and areas of expertise but in essence, they help their clients (who come from all walks of life) to simplify and streamline their possessions, so that they can feel happier and function more efficiently at home and at work.


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