Preserving Your Legacy Through Preplanning


Have you given any thought as to how you want to be remembered? What kind of legacy you would like to leave? Did you leave footprints through your talents at work or leave impactful memories with your kindness and thoughtfulness of others? Thinking about your funeral, let alone prearranging it, can be difficult thing to do. However, it’s a really important thing. Discussing the highs and re-living the achievements of your life with those you hold dearest could be a wonderful experience, as well as provide loved ones with a level of comfort in knowing that when the time comes, they’ll have given you the respectful send-off you deserve. It can be incredibly rewarding to imagine some of the more intricate, finer details that preplanning a funeral can offer. The idea of leaving a legacy is as old as antiquity. For thousands of years, people have been recording family and cultural stories to pass down from one generation to another. One example would be the ancient Egyptians using hieroglyphics to tell stories of their Pharaohs and gods. We all have an innate desire to leave a mark on the world, to not be forgotten and to leave a legacy for the people who will come after us. One way to do this is preplanning a funeral. For people who are young and healthy, putting together a funeral plan may sound like a foreign and unnecessary concept, but there are many advantages to sharing and recording your funeral preferences, regardless of your age;


1. Reduce stress for your family

When someone close to us passes away, grief often makes even the simplest tasks difficult. Funerals tend to be planned immediately following a death, this often means that family members must dive immediately into planning a large event and making significant financial decisions (funeral costs can easily surpass $10,000) while dealing with enormous grief. The more of your funeral that you plan out in advance, the easier it will be for your family to execute on your instructions and wishes. Instead of calling funeral homes and comparing caskets, they’ll be able to focus their time on supporting each other.


2. Help ensure your wishes are met

Many people have ideas about what they would like done surrounding their death. Whether you feel that a burial is important for religious reasons or you’d prefer a lively celebration of your life over a somber affair, planning your funeral in advance will help ensure that the things you find most important will happen. It also gives you a chance to inject some of your personality into the event and reflect on how you’ll be remembered. This can provide a lot of comfort in your final days.

3. Save money

Many people don’t think to shop around when they’re grieving and rushing to plan a funeral, which can lead to thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. If you plan ahead, you can take the time to compare funeral homes, which often vary in price by thousands of dollars for almost identical services. Similarly, you’re more likely to shop around for expensive items like caskets & headstones, which can often cost about half the price when not purchased through the funeral home.

The dynamic between a family and the funeral director is also important. When you preplan, you can take the time to get to know several funeral directors and find the one you believe will do the best job consoling your family and still keep true to your requests. Funeral planning has so many benefits to everyone involved. You get to have a service that preserves your legacy and the individuals participating in the service will know how much they mean to you. Preplanning can be simple, plus all of your loved ones will be relieved that all they need to do is follow your plan.

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