The Benefits Of Security Doors For Your Home or Business: Your First Line Of Defence

For those looking to improve home security, a security door is a wise investment and a smart place to start. There are many benefits of security doors but most importantly, they deter intruders and ensure that your home and family are kept safe.
Security doors are your first line of defence against (“the worst scum of the universe…M.I.B”…sorry I couldn’t help it!) potential intruders.

Improve Your Home Security

Security doors work to improve your home’s security in a number of ways. They have a strong and sturdy frame, often made from steel or wrought iron, which makes these doors much more secure than common exterior doors with wooden or plastic frames. Not only does a steel frame and a stainless steel screen make intrusion attempts very difficult, but it also lasts far longer than other doors.
Another important aspect of a security door is the locks. For maximum protection, your security door should have heavy-duty keyed locks and a deadbolt. Deadbolts are essential for achieving maximum security, and non-removable pin hinges will further help to stop any attempts to break in through a security door.

Protect Your Home Against Intruders

A good security door makes a strong statement. Security doors give the impression that your home is well secured and therefore acts as a deterrent to potential intruders. Experts have said that when intruders see security doors they are not only physically deterred from attempting to break in, but psychologically they feel that the home is too dangerous even if they were to get past the security door. A security door is not only hard to break into, but it stops many thieves from even trying. It’s best to make sure the windows next to the door are made from a special non-shutter glass, so that intruders can’t easily break through the glass either

Add Value to Your Home

As well as protecting and securing your home, another benefit to having a security door is that it will add value to your home. Security doors mean that you will save money on your home insurance policy and they will add value to your overall property should you ever decide to sell. Security doors can provide curb appeal as they are available in a variety of styles and designs

Save on Air-conditioning In Extreme Summer Heat

While security screens do cover a portion of a window’s open space and the full length of your door frame, the mesh component of the screen is a real advantage. What you give up in open space, you find isn’t really a loss at all because you can now leave your windows completely open all the time, allowing your house to breathe, even when you’re not there.
A consistent flow of fresh air is a benefit to you and others sharing your home on so many levels. It certainly helps regulate the temperature in your home when you can let the breeze blow through during Summer. Security screens are versatile and can be fitted to any exterior door frames of the building, they can be used as a sliding door to protect the patio, hinged on the exterior of a glass window or fitted onto a laundry door.
Letting fresh air into your space all year round is extremely healthy; it’s incredibly important for our physical and mental health. Fresh air is an immune system booster, which is especially important in winter months, and even in summer because it boosts your white blood cells and gives your system the oxygen it needs to fight off bacteria and infection.
Breathing in stale air simply won’t boost your health the same way fresh air will. Ventilation is necessary to prevent unpleasant odours from lingering within a living space, and is essential in preventing mould which again, is a threat to health.

Keep Toddlers And Pets Inside And Out Of Harm’s Way

A security door or patio screen can act effectively to keep young ones contained when your hands are tied with other tasks and you’re unable to closely supervise them. Security doors can be very useful to prevent access to your outdoor swimming pool; they can go a long way toward keeping the most vulnerable members of your family out of harm’s way.
Little ones get a sense of space and stimulation when they’re able to see outside and get fresh air. Of course, no security door can aptly substitute for parental diligence and attentiveness, but they certainly can help.
If you have small pets that are vulnerable to outdoor threats, having a security door allows them to get views and breeze from outside and stay safe when you can’t accompany them outside.
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