Why Regular Roof Maintenance Is Essential

Most times, the position of the roof causes it to be almost ignored by the occupants of the home. Depending on the size of the house, the roof may be way up high and sometimes it is hard to remember that it is even there. That is why, unlike other areas of the home, the roof is rarely maintained. Some people do not even know they need to maintain their roof, especially when there are no obvious signs of wear or damage such as leaks or other physical signs. It is necessary to get a professional inspection at least once a year.


What roofing maintenance entails is engaging in practices such as cleaning and basic repairs in a bid to strengthen the roof and increase its lifespan. It does not matter the material the roof is made out of. If you do not maintain it, it will deteriorate, and may not even last for 10 years.

The following points should help enlighten you on why regularly maintaining your roof is important:


1. It Increases The Lifespan Of The Roof


Every roofing material comes with a guarantee on how long they are supposed to last. At the least they will last for a couple of decades. But certain factors could cause your roof not to last even up to a decade. That is why it is important to maintain it. By doing so, you are getting rid of things like algae and moss, that gradually destroy your roof.


2. It Allows You To Detect Problems Early


A stitch in time saves nine and that is very true in the case of roofs. Regular maintenance allows you to notice certain faults or defects which you can treat early so it does not create bigger problems. Such problems could be broken or missing shingles, or peeling flashing. Early detection will necessitate a fast replacement which could prevent a lot of things, in the long run. You may not realise you have incidental roof damages that need taken care of.


3. It Keeps The Beauty Intact


Scraping algae and moss on the roof and replacing damaged or missing shingles ensures that your roof is still as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Having a roof with a few missing shingles, or discoloration as a result of algae generally alters its physical appearance.


4. It Saves Cost


In addition to the second point, early detection leads to quick fixing, which saves you money in the long run. Replacing a missing shingle early can save you from having to repair the damage that the missing shingle could cause over time. Also, some problems are very easy to fix, as long as you do not allow them to spread. One sure way they spread is when they are not detected early enough. It saves you the cost of calling in contractors for repairs on something you could have done yourself had you discovered it earlier.


Now that we have viewed some key reasons for maintaining your roof, we should also briefly view some ways you can maintain your roof or hire a roof maintenance specialist for help.


Tips to help maintain your roof


1. Pay Attention To The Shingles


This is very important. Inspect the shingles as often as you can, particularly after a heavy storm or strong winds. Check your surroundings for shingles that may have come off, either in bits or as a whole. Take a ladder to also check for cracked or broken shingles.


2. Clear The Gutters


The main purpose of gutters and guttering is to safely remove rainfall from the properties and whisking it away, into the drainage system. Gutters and roofs are not designed to hold standing water for lengthy periods of time. Clogged gutters, caused by a build-up of debris, can hamper effective rainwater drainage and long term can cause expensive and preventable damage to your property.
Insects and small animals like rodents love stationary water. It’s one of their favorite watering holes to stop by for a drink.
Leaves inside gutters provide a haven for insects, birds, and possums to build a nest. From the gutter, it’s an easy commute to the roof for these critters to nest, breed, and infest.
Gutters need cleaning once to twice a year.


3. Professional Inspection


You can only do as much as you know. That is why you should call in professional inspectors to take a look at your roof as they may detect problems you overlooked or just did not notice. Such professionals can also be experts in roof repair, so they can fix the problem as they notice it.


Roof maintenance is not as difficult as it might sound, as it is the very simple things that matter. Problems overlooked today could have dire consequences tomorrow, hence, they should be investigated and treated as early as possible.


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