2022 Bright Autumn Festival


Friday 22nd April until Sunday 1st May 2022


Bright and Surrounds of the High Country, Ireland Street, Bright, Victoria, 3741


Celebrating Alpine Life in the Valleys

The Bright Autumn Festival is a celebration of the wonderful autumn colours and autumn produce of the valleys of Victoria’s Alpine High Country. Bright and the surrounding districts are blessed with the perfect climate for magnificent autumn colours!



The festival was first held in 1962 making it one of the oldest continuous festivals in the country. At the time, Bright was known as a winter destination and the Autumn Festival was an effort to attract visitors at a quiet period.
The Bright Autumn Festival is an initiative of the Bright and District Chamber of Commerce and is entirely run by volunteers.


Running from Friday April 22 to Sunday May 1 2022, the highlight of the festival is Gala day on Saturday April 30, with a market, music in the streets and a grand parade!