Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

(Serves 5-10)


This fresh Tomato Bruschetta is tasty and full of flavour and so simple to put together. Makes for a pleasant lunch or great dinner starter. Did you know,that in italian the “ch” in Bruschetta is pronounced as a “k” sound? Brew-sket-tah


1 Loaf crusty bread, sliced into 10 slices
2 Garlic cloves, minced
1⁄3 Cup olive oil
3 Plum tomatoes, diced (give it some extra vibe by using a variety of tomato colors!)
1 Teaspoon finely diced onion
5 Basil leaves chopped
1⁄2 Teaspoon balsamic vinegar


1) Mix the oil and garlic let it sit 10 minutes.
2) Lightly brush oil mixture on both side of bread. Grill over high heat to mark and toast both sides of the bread.
3) Meanwhile mix tomatoes, onion, basil into the remaining oil and garlic adding the balsamic, salt and pepper to taste.
4) Top each slice with some mixture and serve

*Feeling fancy? Why not add some baby (bambini) Bocconcini cheese to the mix! Bellissimo!

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