Hello Autumn!


Autumn is here! Yay!
We love autumn, it’s such a beautiful season. Each autumn, thousands of tourist flock to a few special towns across Australia to look at millions of colourful leaves! Here are a few of our favourite places:
Victoria’s Alpine High Country, The Adelaide Hills – South Australia, Golden Valley Tree Park Balingup – Western Australia, Moidart Bowral – New South Wales, Mount Field National Park – Tasmania.


Fun Facts about Leaves:


Have you ever wondered why do leaves change colour? We did some digging and raking around and found these fascinating facts:


~ Leaves change colour because it is the tree’s way of saving up nutrients for next spring and summer. It’s much more efficient than letting a whole lot of goodness fall to the ground.
~ Plants grow by taking in sunlight through their leaves, plus water and nutrients from the soil.


~ The leaves capture the sunlight with a natural chemical called chlorophyll, which makes the leaves green. Chlorophyll turns sunlight into tree food through a process called photosynthesis. In summer, when it is very sunny and warm, plants photosynthesise a lot.

~ When autumn comes, with shorter, cooler days, deciduous trees know it’s time to prepare for winter. A deciduous tree breaks down the chlorophyll in the leaves and sends the nutrients down to the roots to be stored underground until things hot up again. When chlorophyll is broken down in the leaf, the green colour disappears. The colours we can see in autumn are from what is left behind in the leaf and this ranges from yellow to orange to red, maroon and brown.
~ One type of natural chemicals left are carotenoids, which is what makes carrots orange!


Keep an eye out on local Autumn Festivals, such as the Bright Autumn Festival held on Friday 22nd April until Sunday 1st May 2022 at:
Bright and Surrounds of the High Country, Ireland Street, Bright, Victoria,

Click here for more detail about this event;


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